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My passion is to see more and more people becoming fully alive.

My conviction is that this happens as you begin to discover your core identity – why you are here.

I invite you on a journey to explore it.

Enjoy your visit !

Noëmie-Jade Jaffrain


« Jade knows how to discern the ‘hidden gold’ in a person, through the questions she asks and the way she puts into words what she sees. This process helped me to embrace my uniqueness and the importance of not forgetting any aspects of my identity, so that I can feel whole and alive! »
Marie M.

« I feel that I have searched for and found in me the treasures God has given me. This process helped me to put words on who I am and what I want to do. It was a time to reconcile the different aspects of my identity and to find a balance in complementarity. »

Edisson M.

« During these sessions, which were sensitively led, we were able to put accurate and precise words on the treasures that were already there, waiting to be discovered. This experience has helped me to identify and understand more fully my true identity. »

Atsédé B.

the concept


It’s my belief that no life is a coincidence, and that we are all meant to express what we have been created for.
Understanding your true identity & destiny can be a deep source of life and well-being, and my dream is to see more and more people discover their identity and live it out day to day.


The « Révélatrice d’intérieur » personal development interviews happen in three stages:

– an interview (approx. 1.5 hours): a time of questions and answers, during which we will explore together your passions, your experiences, past and present memories… in order to identify what energises you and makes you feel most alive.

– an analysis: I revisit and analyse the information I’ve gathered during the interview in order to identify the common themes of your passions with the aim of revealing your core essence and destiny.

– a debriefing (approx. 1 hour): I meet with you again to discuss my findings and provide you with a document with the illustrated analysis and a list of comments and recommendations on how to pursue the process of unveiling and expression of your identity.

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French (native), English (fluent), German (fluent).

Destinies unveiled

Here some examples of identities that have been brought to light and formulated recently:


After nine years working in communication and events management, I discovered that my core passion consisted in communicating the « hidden identity » of a concept or of a person. I therefore decided to create my own company to follow this passion and to help « reveal » people and projects: « Révélatrice d’intérieur », meaning « revealing what’s inside ». After several years spent in different countries (France – my home country -, Germany, Switzerland and Norway), I am back in Switzerland since February 2024. You will find below a summary of my professional experience and education:


  • Nine years in communication and event management
  • Event manager: Mercy Ships Switzerland (NGO)
  • Communication/marketing assistant: Mercy Ships, EJC, Comptoir de Famille
  • Web coordinator: IKEA Switzerland


  • Master of arts in Communication Management (FH Pforzheim, Germany)
  • Master: Degree of the Burgundy Business School (Dijon, France)
  • Workshops: time management (TEKOA), non-profit marketing (EJC)


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An inspiring song and music video by the French singer Vianney: « N’attendons pas de vivre » (« Don’t wait to live »).